Blessed by Kathy Najimy

I promise after this post I won’t mention my birthday again, cause after planning a party complete with a social media strategy, who really needs to hear more about my aging?

That said, I was pleased as punch that so many of my best friends and wonderful family members came out last weekend to drink, dance and eat donuts with me.


It was everything I could’ve wanted. A safe space for worlds to collide as we broke out our literal choreography, sang along to Natalie Imbruglia, and I crowd sourced ideas for how to give my bank teller my number.

While I didn’t expect gifts, a number of my friends got real creative, and I have to highlight this gem from Renee and Conor:

Kathy Najimy signed photo

Yes, my nectarines got my a personalized signed photo of the one, the only, Kathy Najimy. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, we shouldn’t be friends.

I later took to Twitter to share the above photo, and that’s when Kathy’s blessing really became the gift that keeps on giving. Because not only did Kathy Najimy reply to my tweet, she also called me HOT STUFF:

I mean, come on. We’re pretty much besties now, right?

I try to be self-aware enough to not be one of those assholes that uses the hashtag #blessed. But when you receive a personalized signed photo from Kathy Najimy that reads “bless you,” it actually applies!

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This is 30

So today I woke up and now I’m 30 years old. My life pretty much feels like this tweet from SNL/Broad City/funny tweet writer Chris Kelly…

But I’m actually feeling pretty cool with that. Cause I have such great…

my friends!

And a pretty cool…


I’ve travelled a fair share…

places I've travelled

Napping in some of the world’s best parks…

napping in parks in Prague, Berlin, Toronto, Boston and Paris

I’ve managed to see my American Idol, Canadian icon and 90s girl group obsession in concert…

Kelly Clarkson, Alanis Morissette, Spice Girls

And I’ve really gotten in touch with my adventurous side, clearly mastering the art of…

white water rafting

I survived a mild…


And a much more harrowing, 12-year-too-long

awkward stage

We’re all pretty thrilled I now look like this…

hot as all get out

It feels like ages ago I went to school and came out with…

two degrees

Which may or may not have served me well, based on the number of jobs I’ve worked…

LinkedIn screenshot

Completely unrelated to any personal or professional accomplishments, I was once front page news in the…

Toronto Star

And have found my way onto TV via…

my friends and I on the TV show Cash Cab

… and a background turn in a haunted house with…

my background turn on Steven and Chris

I once weaseled my way thisclose to …

Lady Gaga

… not to mention making eye contact at Club Monaco with this hunk…

Scott Speedman

While we’re talking celebs, I’ve built a pretty good collection of photos with cast members of…


And I’ve been tweeted at or retweeted by the following cast members of Full House: John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron-Bure, Jurnee Smollett (Denise), Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit (Nicky and/or Alex)

the time john stamos retweeted me

For some reason Sweetin’s holding out.

One time I spent an hour on the phone, being talked at by three-time Full House guest star…

Duck Face, played by a young Whit Hertford on Full House

And let’s just let this photo speak for itself…

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero from the Room in Toront

I’d say I made a pretty stellar…


And have become a real pillar of the wedding-going community the past few years…

weddings weddings!

I’ve been lauded by friends and strangers alike for my sexy…

demonstrating my moves on Jackie

Dayum, let’s see some more of those…

keep on dancing till the world ends

I’ve also built up a real reputation as a…

potato chip connoisseur

I’m the first one to encourage any acts of narcissism like staring in the mirror too long, or staging your own photo shoots at other people’s weddings…

wedding collage

I’ve also got more girlfriends on Facebook than any of y’all…


Five years ago I started tracking my aging process with photographic evidence on each birthday, and things seem to be going okay…

birthday photos, 25 - 29 years-old

These days I’m pretty pleased with the amount of compliments I get on my tan and my haircut.

So like I said earlier, all things considered, I’m pretty cool that I woke up this morning like this…


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This is how you respond to an Emmy Snub

The 2014 Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and the only thing that matters is that Tatiana Maslany was NOT nominated for playing Sarah, Beth, Cosima, Rachel, Helena, Alison and Tony on Orphan Black, deeming the whole awards show irrelevant.

Hopes were high Maslany would nab a nod after being nominated for a Golden Globe, and winning her second Critics’ Choice Award for her roles this year.

Alas, when the nominees for Outstanding Actress in a TV Drama were announced, Maslany’s name was left off the list in favour of Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife), Claire Danes (Homeland), Robin Wright (House of Cards), Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex), Kerry Washington (Scandal), and Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey)(to which I say… seriously?!?)

So, how did the Orphan Black team respond? On Twitter, with grace and humour.

It’s all good. After the season two finale, Clone Clubbers have a lot more to worry about than a silly Emmy statuette.

(Still, Tatiana Maslany, you’re everything).

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Totes Love: Throwing Shade

Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi host Throwing Shade

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged with the sole purpose of sharing something I love, and it’s time to change that.

Over the past year I finally gave podcasts a shot. Upon Jackie’s recommendation I started listening to Throwing Shade, and along with This American Life it’s one of the only ones I still listen to reguarly — and for good reason!

Each week homosensual Bryan Safi and feminasty Erin Gibson vow to provide a look at the issues important to gays and ladies, and treat them “with much less respect than they deserve.”

What this means is they each grab a headline related to gays (in Bryan’s case) or women (in Erin’s) and break it down, while taking any sexist, misogynistic or homophobic parties to task. They question, they mock and they throw shade — but they always have a point. It’s at once informative and giggle-inducing.

Recent subject matter has included: homophobic chanting at the World Cup, Rick Perry’s comparison of homosexuality to alcoholism, why video games don’t include female players, and Game of Thrones’ rape problem.

You’ll recognize Bryan from one of my favourite That’s Gay videos, in which he brought TV’s GBF obsession to the world wide web’s attention. He and Erin allegedly met at an improv comedy class, though she’s suggested otherwise on Twitter. And when they’re together their chemistry is undeniable. They brilliantly riff off each other, create characters, make voices, and go off on hilariously silly tangents.

Throwing Shade is great because it feels like you’re hanging out with your two funny friends, who share many of your perspectives on life (if you’re into equality and shit), while teasing each other to no end.

Its one danger? On more than one occasion I’ve been listening on transit, while walking to work, or shopping at Winners and have found myself laughing out loud. I swear though, it’s worth the confused stares from passersby to join team Throwing Shade. Give it a listen!

You can subscribe to Throwing Shade via iTunes, check out an abbreviated video version of the podcast on Funny or Die, and check out the official website (with funny gifs!) here.

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Rainbow-Spotting in Toronto

The ROM draped in colour

The ROM draped in colour

World Pride took over Toronto over the past week, and what a time it was!

For me the festivities kicked into high gear this past weekend, as I visited stages and beer gardens, and wandered amongst the crowds on Church St. with various friends meeting up with me along the way.

But for days leading up to our annual Pride celebrations, I also enjoyed seeing rainbow flags and displays pop up across the city.

Sure, there are very obvious marketing motivations for local businesses to let their Pride flags fly for the last couple weeks of June. Still, I love seeing those bright colours welcoming and celebrating the diversity of the people of Toronto, and those from around the world who come to town to participate. I mean, it’s still kind of wonderful to live in a city and a country that hosts such festivities with love and respect.

So over the past week or so I started snapping pics of some of my favourite rainbow displays around Toronto. Click on through for some of the more noteworthy, creative and colourful displays of Pride that caught my eye!

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