Parenthood cast tweets their farewells

Parenthood cast poses during the finale episode

Parenthood ended its six season run on Thursday, and it’s all I’ve been able to think, feel or tweet about since.

The finale was nothing less of absolute perfection. It’s no surprise. For six seasons Jason Katims and the Braverman clan have been delivering poignant, charming and emotional relationship-based stories that tug on threads many of us relate to from our own family experiences.

So for the record, I cried no less than four times during Parenthood’s final hour on the air. That includes flat-out bawling at one point and crying out “Noooooooooo!

Since then, I’ve taken comfort in listening to Sara Watkins’ You and Me on repeat. (It’s the song that plays over the uplifting wedding photo shoot montage).

I’ve also taken solace in the fact that the Parenthood cast and crew also really felt like they were saying goodbye to a family, as evidenced by their social media activity the night of the finale, and since.

Here’s some of my fave behind-the-scenes moments, funny pics, and heartwarming messages to fans the cast have left us with.

Stay forever young, Team Braverman.

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I seriously spent no less than half an hour (45 minutes) this afternoon watching this video on repeat.

Broadway actor Jeremy Jordan performed a rousing rendition of Celine Dion’s All Coming Back to Me Now at an event called Broadway Loves Celine Dion in New York last week.

(Side note: just based on the name of the event, that sounds like the perfect event, amirite?)

Jeremy’s performance is wonderfully cheeky and his voice is on point. And boy is handsome to boot!

Pretty much husband material, is what I’m saying.

Press play and prepare to smile.

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Kelly Clarkson releases Heartbeat Song, announces new album

The voice of a generation Kelly Clarkson got my week started off right, releasing a brand new single called Heartbeat Song yesterday.

Seems over the past year Kelly’s been busy doing more than raise her one-year-old daughter River Rose (who adorably helped tease the new single last week). In conjunction with the single’s release, Kelly announced we can expect her new album, titled Piece by Piece, the first week of March.

Kelly first started teasing her new album Jan. 3 on Twitter:

If the new single’s any indication of what’s the come, I’m all in once again. Heartbeat Song is fresh and poppy, but a little more mellow and less yell-y than some of Kelly’s past singles. I love that while it shows of Kelly’s fah-lawless pipes, she’s not required to belt out at the top of her longs a-la Since U Been Gone or Stronger.

Turns out, the voice of a generation can even pull off happy songs.

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Golden Globes honour TV’s fresh and new

Party of Five, Keri Russell and Tatiana Maslany have all won or been nominated for Golden Globes.
Some may have been scratching their heads in December when Golden Globe nominations were announced, and both Jane the Virgin and Transparent were listed as best comedy series nominees. They’re critical darlings, yes, but they also have relatively low audiences even compared some of the most ratings-starved shows.

But for the Golden Globes, it’s par for the course.

While the Globes’ film honourees are often seen as predictors for the Academy Awards, their TV picks have been known to feature talent totally off Emmy’s radar.

Sometimes that means nominating new, young talent (Jason Priestley for 90210, Keri Russell for Felicity), and sometimes that means nominating shows with younger audiences or edgier story lines (Party of Five, True Blood, Nip/Tuck). Other times still, it just means giving a shot to something other than an hour-long procedural or Chuck Lorre sitcom.

This tendency to honour less popular or less traditional entries can sometimes leave audiences and critics rolling their eyes. Many questioned whether Brooklyn Nine-Nine and its star Andy Samberg deserved the Globes bestowed upon them last year.

But more often than not, the unconventional wins are welcomed, if only to see some fresh faces on the stage.

Which brings us back to this year’s best comedy nominees. While Modern Family has won the past five best comedy Emmys, the Globes have also handed their best comedy trophy to Girls, Glee and Brooklyn Nine-Nine in that same time.

This year Modern Family appears nowhere on the Globes ballot. In fact, not one network comedy show made it into the best series category, with Girls (HBO), Silicon Valley (HBO) and Orange is the New Black (Netflix) joining Jane and Transparent on the list.

Want to take a look at the bigger picture? Check out this interactive timeline I created tracking fresh talent and programs honoured by the Globes starting in the 90s — from Jason Priestley to Jane the Virgin. You might be surprised at some of the popular fare recognized.

INTERACTIVE TIMELINE: Golden Globes’ history of honouring fresh TV talent

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