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25 gems from the WB’s 2000 Image Campaign

The WB’s 2000 image campaign is one of my favourite videos on the internet, because it is just so quintessentially 2000.

Released in the WB’s heyday, all our faves were still on the air. Buffy, Angel, Dawson and Felicity defined the network, while Shannen Doherty was pursuing her second shot at TV stardom, Sabrina the Teenage Witched had defected from ABC, 7th Heaven still had six seasons to go, and flailing shows like Popular and Roswell were still given a shot.

And to remind us what a great time we lived in, the network got their A-to-D-list cast members (grading on a WB scale here) in the same room to mingle and dance to a cheesy cover of Oh What a Night while mugging at the camera!

I just watched this no less than four times to take note of my 25 favourite moments. Did you catch all this?

1. David Boreanaz’s dance move at 0:33
2. Katherine Heigl, before the world knew her as an ungrateful bee-yotch
3. Carly Pope being more awkward than seductive at 0:46
4. Katie Holmes’ hips not lying
5. Kerr Smith and Nicholas Brendon scoping out the chicks
6. Amy Jo Johnson being lifted in Josh Jackson’s arms, right in front of Scott Foley
7. Bubbles!
8. Boreanaz and Shannen Doherty making eyes at each other across the room
9. A young Ian Somerhalder in the shadows as the Young Americans cast arm wrestles
10. Shiri Appleby looking the exact same as she does today
11. Leslie Bibb looking deceptively like Sarah Michelle Gellar. Was SMG only available for two shots? ‘Cause she is severely underrepresented in this campaign.
12. Jason Behr not fully grasping the technique of the selfie
13. Nikki Cox before she looked like this
14. Simon Camden and Brendan Fehr taking a leap!
15. Keri Russell being perfect
16. A lot of leather. I mean, this is a lot, right?
17. James Van Der Beek taking a break from the action to play some dominoes
18. The cast of Popular telling secrets. Typical!
19. Alyssa Milano catching the eye of Jason Behr with her dance moves
20. Melissa Joan Hart dancing on her own in some Sailor Moon-esque side buns
21. Future Oscar nominee Michelle Williams happily slumming it with these jokers
22. Future Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx not giving a fuck
23. It was a confusing time to be a men’s shirt.
24. Water fight!
25. Notable absentee: Scott Speedman

What are your favourite gems from these two and a half minutes of bliss? There’s plenty more!

And check out this extended cut, detailing the WB’s full 2000 lineup.

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